Friday, January 9, 2009

A Call for Resurrection?

Since Kael and Waps decided to kick this blog into renewed activity, I got around to thinking about where all of us had gone since those Mondays in Xavier Grill and Cafe Ysabela. I agree with Kael -- those times were some of the best I've ever had, and I do get all nostalgic when I think of how things were. Happy Mondays was something to look forward to after a narcotic day at work, and I miss the careless reprieve and the awesome company it offered at the start of every week.

But you know, I don't even remember when we eventually stopped going, and I can't seem to locate that point where we dropped out of sight one by one. I realize that a good number of you still managed to meet up since, but as much as I wanted to join in on the fun, work and new hobbies (e.g. mountaineering) eventually got in the way. A lot of us had gone through major changes without the presence of the rest, without their witnessing. I think it's a little tragic, given the fact that we used to hang out together so much!

Damn, I recall how we all were back then, not just as a group, but individually as well. Not to mention the ridiculous conflicts that sprang up between us, the romantic disasters, or the gossip we had to deal with, et cetera. I was mean and childish at various points, histrionic, hardly on an even keel. I'm glad you guys bore with me nonetheless, and am truly sorry for all the shit I might have subjected you to. I suppose we were all very different then from the way we are now, and I find each progressive transformation really amusing and impressive.

Anyway, enough of the melodrama. Hyuk hyuk. I've been working at home since December, and am taking the opportunity to make more appearances at the Happy Mondays poetry readings. I actually miss being with you guys, and miss those times when Happy Monday-drinking was reflexive for all of us.

Maybe we should still meet up on those Mondays that don't feature the poetry readings? I'm all for this.


mikael said...

we do, peach. usually at que rico, but lately, kina pancho. text-text.

Peachy said...