Thursday, November 27, 2008


hello. my name is waps. i am the survivor of a lost year where somehow, people from different walks of life came together as friends every monday and formed a strange and interesting gathering now known as happy mondays. one night while i was drunk, i told my friend that mondays are for abandon. ever since then, that has sort of been our unofficial motto. most people now think that happy mondays is about a group of artists and poets who contrive their evenings with artistic and poetic things. in truth, it was, and still is, about hanging out and having fun. most of the people who hang out at mondays just happen to be really great artists and poets who've gone to achieve great things. but some of us really are just average joes. actually, all of us are just average joes. we just happen to have a lot of fun together and thus get mystified into this collective group of art snobs by people who don't know any better. so untrue! so come hang out with us some time! forget the rest of the week! we'll show you what mondays are all about.

with this, i would like to officially revive this blog for the sake of posterity. we got to talking about it recently and think it's time to do so. i hope my friends start taking an interest in this blog again. come on, guys! come back! stop being so adult and worldly! come back to abandon!

so for my first second-time-around post, i'd like to post this video of Total Recall by The Sound which i think is totally apt because i want all those great moments to come back. listen to the lyrics, dudes.