Friday, April 3, 2009

Renga Que Rico, 2 April 2009

Suppose we were never children
and there are no carousels, no santa clauses,
house lizards-- not dragons, nothing hidden
fireflies merely fireflies in the night. Then
all we could return to was confusion. Imagining
in stead of money and non-magical skies.
There is that pause.
This is that-- pause--
before we want
that thought of clouds
forming fists,
we wanted first rain,
and puddles to splash in,
and maybe a cup of cocoa to keep away the fever-

dreams. But sunlight touches you
now and your fingers search for
the sweet treasures of a flower.

It is night. Sunlight
happened earlier. This is only 
me, imagining. As I did
when I was a child.

-- Sasha, Joel, Pancho V., Waps, Mia, Glenn, Pancho A., Javier, Den, Mikael

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