Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uy, renga!

Que Rico Renga 07Feb2009

Choose. I believe in one thing.

I believe in reasons. Especially

reasons to choose. Love. Or don’t.

What matters is the why of things.

How birds fly, for example.

I know to describe this in terms

a five-year-old would understand.

The decision to fly, though.

that remains silent. And it occurs

only in stillness while mouths go on

talking dry of plans, wants, and lies

that remain in the background.

That when we do things, to stop meant

we never did them at all.

Not unless flowers talked.

Not unless they say,

I am always here and so will you.

But to fly is not just about having wings,

it’s about escaping, dreaming, distance.

Choose. Distance, stillness or one reason.

The first petal to pluck from a flower.

The words a five-year-old will understand.

One thing.

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